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About the College

The College took its present form in February 2020 following the merger of Morley College London and Kensington and Chelsea College. Both institutions had long shared the same values, with roots going back to the 19th century and a proud record of serving learners in their respective boroughs and beyond.

The merged college, operating from three main Centres in Chelsea, North Kensington and Waterloo as well as online, aims to meet the learning needs of a growing number of students, and to be a force for public good within the communities that we serve.

The merger came about with the strong support of local stakeholders, and this enabled us to secure government finance for investments totaling £32.3 million to renovate the North Kensington and Chelsea Centres and to develop a new, and broader, curriculum. These investments are in addition to the £3 million that the College has already spent and the further £15 million that it is aiming to raise to transform facilities at Waterloo over the next ten years.

Our mission, vision and values


In line with our founding principles of social justice, our mission is to inspire individuals and strengthen communities through the transformative impact of lifelong learning.


Our vision is to be a leading London college where learning together excites ambition and enables achievement.


We put our students first: we work together and advance diversity in order to build trust, so that we can pursue excellence because we work in the service of others.

Our future

Though the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to emerge, Morley has invested heavily in ensuring that Londoners can keep learning during the crisis – both online, and through innovative approaches to blending this with onsite learning. We’re confident this will stand us in good stead as we embrace whatever the ‘new normal’ looks like.

We have just released the preliminary version of our new Strategic Plan for 2021-25 and will publish a final version in late summer 2021. As well as identifying our immediate priorities as we respond to unprecedented instability in our operating environment, the Plan also sets out a pathway to our strategic goals of:

  • creating outstanding learning opportunities;
  • delivering an exceptional student experience; and
  • achieving financial sustainability.

Our students

The College is an inclusive, lively and ambitious learning community where students and staff are proud of their personal and professional contributions. Our students come predominantly from the London boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth and Southwark, but also from across London and the South East of England (and, as we continue to develop our online offer, from all over the UK and beyond). More than half of our students are drawn from from black and minority ethnic communities; 70% are women; 50% of those enrolling each year are new students, and over 10% have declared a disability. Strong democratic traditions support student engagement and underpin our commitment to social and educational inclusion. We are currently rolling out a new student representation model that offers the opportunity to articulate the student voice at course, centre and college-wide level.

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